Connell’s theories of Masculinity

Description Be sure to cite any and all sources you use for your paper, including course lectures or texts. If you use any outside materials, be sure to include a bibliography page. If you use only course materials there is no need to submit a bibliography page.  •According to a contemporary theory legend, in the summer of 1984, Edward Said, R.W. Connell, Peter Berger & Thomas Luckmann all found themselves in Paris for separate conferences. After a long day of theorizing about the nature of society, they all happened to converge on the exact same Parisian bar, “Le Disneyland” owned by none other than Jean Baudrillard. Copious amounts of French wine were consumed as the cohort of theorists discussed their own ideas on the social construction of reality into the early morning hours… •Detail Berger & Luckmann’s phenomenological conception of the social construction of reality and then consider how either Said, based on his concept of “Orientalism” or Connell’s theories of Masculinity (you can chose which of the theorists passed out drunk in a corner and was not able to continue the discussion) work as potential critiques to Berger & Luckmann’s general theory. As a conclusion, consider how Baudrillard, still completely sober because he’s been the bartender, would critique all of their theories on the social construction of reality with his conception of “hyper-reality.”

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