Write one research question which could be answered by each of these methods and explain why it is answered by each method: correlational research, experimental research, and case study. Be sure to write your paper in APA format and include a reference list.
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Research Question

I have always been interested to find out if doing sports and physical activities (exercising, going to the gym, hiking, mountain biking) increase a person’s sense of well-being. I would like to find out what particularly about doing sports and physical activities contribute towards that, from the mental, social and biochemical elements. This is relevant research in my opinion as it will allow me to explore the relationship between sports, health and well-being, in particular, the mental health component. I would like to undertake such a study with a choice of methods – correlational, experimental and a case study. I have to decide which would best fit my topic and purpose and to do that I have to explore how I can do the research using each.

For correlational research, the purpose is to uncover the relationship between sports/physical activities and well-being. These are the key variables for the study. To do this therefore I will need to identify …

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