Country’s Regime Change Research Paper

 Description Overview You will write a total of two 5-7 page (excluding the title page and bibliography) country analysis papers this semester. Each paper is worth 150 points and is due at the beginning (Monday) of an exam week (week 8 and week 16). You will be given the topic for each paper several weeks in advance. Each paper will require you to propose a hypothesis, collect evidence to back up your claim, and analyze weaknesses in your argumentation (e.g., confounding variables). The second paper will build on the first. These assignment ( aim to develop three of our student learning outcomes: (1) analyzing political systems by using the comparative method and contrasting these theoretical models with their real world counterparts, (2) describing the impact of historical, socio/economic, geographic, and cultural factors on political institutions, and (3) thinking concretely about how institutional design choices affect policy and policy outcomes. Crafting your papers will take a significant amount of work and require research outside of the assigned class materials. Two important notes Before you start gathering materials and writing your papers, please reread the policy on academic integrity. To avoid any issues, make sure that you fully understand the policy and, if you have any questions at all, let me know. In addition to the actions listed as cheating in that policy, I will also consider the following action as cheating on the country analysis papers: uploading a corrupted file through the “turnitin” app Please do not wait until the last minute to turn in your papers (i.e., do not wait until two minutes before the deadline!). Invariably, this is when students encounter submission/technical problems. I do not accept technical errors as an excuse for late submissions. If you need a refresher on my late work policy, please revisit the course structure and policies.

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