Please consider how you have developed the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable your achievement of the Course Goals listed in the syllabus. Then write a reflection of minimum of 800 words describing how this course has helped you achieve these goals. Finally, chose one assignment that you feel represents your best learning (artifact) in the course. Take a few minutes to revise it, according to comments from your professor. Combine these into one document.

Below are the course objectives, I will also upload a few samples of papers I have completed. the “Best Learning assignment”

Course Objectives:
Create workflow redesign within a quality-improvement strategy to improve the practice setting
Create a project charter and understand its usefulness in meaningful use
Create a workflow design and address common barriers
Evaluate best practices for workflow redesign
Evaluate current health information systems used in healthcare organizations
Create and analyze a process map
Evaluate programs of care, outcomes of care and care systems
Evaluate advanced analytics techniques currently being used in health care
Analyze knowledge found from big data and its impact on health care
Create and analyze from data mining to increase accessibility and usability of a health care information
Evaluate ethical/legal and safety issues that arise in using, designing, and managing health information technology
Evaluate the complexity of the managing and utilizing genomic data
Evaluate implications for the health care industry with nanotechnology
Evaluate health information technology and implications for patient safety
Evaluate electronic clinical quality measures for implementation, quality data model, values sets, and quality-reporting document architecture.

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