Crash with Antlia 2 gave the Milky Way the ripples in its outer disc Overview Astronomy is one of the science fields that draws the most interest from the general public. As a result, astronomy is often in the news. When an exciting, groundbreaking discovery is announced in a specialized scientific journal, press releases are prepared by universities and research institutes, and distributed to print and online news outlets for broader distribution. Wherever one gets its news, almost no week passes without an announcement about a distant galaxy in the early Universe, an exotic planetary system, a supermassive black hole or the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy. After having taken this course, you should expect your friends or family members to ask you about the meaning of the latest astronomy discovery. And you should understand the importance of the story in a much deeper way than you would have before taking this course! To prepare you to showcase your newly acquired astronomy knowledge, one of the assignments of this course is to prepare an explanatory summary of a recent news announcement in which you will build on class material to provide the context and meaning of the discovery in layman terms.

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