Create a paper, power point, or Prezi presentation to demonstrate your knowledge of this week’s learning objectives. Your presentation should cover the following topic fully, and be correctly cited in APA format. Minimum 1 – 2 page paper or 10 slide presentation, not including your cover sheet/ slide and reference page/ slide.

You are approached by a neighbor and her 16 year old daughter who just found out she is pregnant. The neighbor and her daughter want to know what to expect during the pregnancy. Outline for this mother and daughter what to expect during each of the trimesters


APA format is consistently done and correct. All information is referenced throughout the body of the presentation. A minimum of 3 relevant resources are used, and are cited correctly. Spelling and grammar are correct throughout the body of the presentation.

Discussion of the physiological changes the woman may expect during pregnancy during each trimester. (Not fetal development)

Discusses the major discomforts of pregnancy and nursing measures to reduce the discomforts

Discusses what to expect at doctor visits, how often will she go, and what might she expect at the visits.

Discuss how much weight gain is appropriate during pregnancy.

Discuss a minimum of three local resources that the young woman may access for additional information and assistance. What do these resources offer? Examples include local pregnancy care centers that offer support for low income mothers, state resources, and federal resources.

Discuss how the placenta functions to deliver nutrients and remove waste products.

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