creating a contraption

You are challenged to create a contraption that will complete a task. You can determine the contraption and task (limited by your imagination!), but it has to utilize motion in some way, and it has to be something different than a contraption that already exists, or at least has a significant modification of something that currently exists. Describe your contraption and its task(s) in words and drawing(s). Sell it to me! Explain why it is amazing and I should buy one. Describe how it uses force, momentum, inertia, velocity, acceleration, projectile motion, kinetic energy, potential energy, and work (the more physics terms, the better; but only if you describe in detail how your contraption uses them!) A bulleted list is fine here. Choose a section of your drawing/contraption and use arrows to describe the velocity, acceleration and force (the size of each is proportional to the size of the v, a and F). These can be in the same portion of your contraption, or three different areas.

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