1. Comment on the actual stories themselves, making comments as you go along. This is writing on the actual document of the author. 2. Write up a one-page summary for each of the stories in your Fiction Workshop group. Meaning, if you have 3 other people in your group, you will write one-page of comments for “each” author. 3. Use the guidelines attached to comment on each of the stories and for your write-up. 4. Your written one-page comments must be complete by the time of your workshop. Please follow the guidelines for your fiction draft below. We are focusing on character-based fiction in this course. Please avoid any Sci-Fi, mystery, horror, or other genre fiction; these genres make character take a back-seat and character is the focus of this course. At least 7 pages, no more than 10 pages. Double spaced. Name on the top. Pages numbered. This can be from an activity you started in class, or it can be from a story that you started outside of class. This cannot be from something you have written ‘before’ class started. Everyone will read each others stories and make comments on the story and type up a one-page (double spaced) set of comments for EACH the authors (There has three authors, which means 3 short fiction story). You will upload your comments and one-page write-up for each authors after the workshop for your group to see.

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