Critical Analysis Essay: Analysing the short story called “” by Shirley Jackson using a formalistic approach of criticism.


-MLA 2016, formatting, citations, Worked cited page. -You must have an additional page that cites your research. (List of sources in correct bibliographic style) -Your work should have a clear introduction and conclusion. Your audience is a general readership, not your specific college instructor. Your essay  should be in third person unless otherwise noted by your instructor (Avoid pronouns like I, me, we, us, our, you, yours). Concentrate on logos and ethos, avoiding pathos (unless as analyzed from the item’s contents) as much as possible. -Your essay should use appropriate examples with citations from the item you have selected to make your point. You must have information from your text in your work. Direct quotes from the text should be used and then immediately followed by citations. -Your work should be organized around clear topic sentences. Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence that tells how that paragraph proves the thesis. (Example: Another secondary character who symbolizes demonic evil is the warlock.) -Additional scholarly research from NC Live is REQUIRED for this essay. Any essay that does not have additional research in some form from NC Live will lose all points from the content category. There is no minimum source count required, but students should use their judgment to determine what is appropriate

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