Critical Film Review

This is a Critical Film Review of Venus Noire(Black Venus) (2010). Brief, functional introduction, describing the task/purpose of the paper, and giving the basic details of the film (year, director, etc.). Film synopsis in your own words, sketching the plot. Ask the film: Consider Sarah Baartman as an icon in this film. What is this film saying about colonialism and (racialized) sexuality/gender? (I.e. How is it utilizing this one historical figure to symbolize colonialism and its relationship to the colonized body?) How does this film highlight themes and concepts? Use course materials to analyse the film . Key Definitions: “Colonized Body”: Colonialism is the process of extending the sovereignty of one nation/empire or people over another; similarly, the concept of the “colonized body” denotes the ways in which sovereignty over the body can be disrupted by the dehumanization and control methods/goals of the colonial project. It is the ability of the colonial system to turn embodied people into objects for the use of the colonizer, and to create and naturalize concepts, imaginations and representations that render that control “inevitable” or “right”. “Symbolized Colonialism”, Representation Theory: Language, symbolism and representation hinges on “shared meaning,” and are the building blocks of society and culture. Representations are those constructions that “stand in” for something, or present/re-present concepts and ideas, and can also be conflated with the “real thing” and taken as fact. Things like “racial” categories are not objective, inevitable fact, but are “floating signifiers,” or discursive constructs – we create ideas of race and racial difference through language, symbolism and representation, as well as inherit them. “Racialized Sexuality”: describes the ways in which “race,” “gender” and “sexuality” (and “class”) intersect to create specific scripts, norms, expectations and representations for persons according to their perceived categorizations. Colonialism employed racialized sexuality as a way to demonstrate superiority and fit-to-rule/fit-to-be-ruled narratives, as well as to justify the sexual exploitation/rape/segregation/criminalization of those deemed aberrant and marginalized. Be aware: This is not a “film review” in the popular sense; it is an analytical essay on a film. A critical review applies research and course learning to an object of examination, such as a film. This essay should be constructed with formal academic language. Don’t forget to include a brief summary in your introduction, italicise the film’s title every time, include the year of the film at least once in the body of the paper (in brackets), and include the film (and edition watched) in your Works Cited as a source. (For some film assignment (, you will have to officially cite the film when quoting, etc., and may be asked to include time stamps. You will not have to do this for this course)

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