Critically analyse the Zappos’s positioning in four different dimensions of 4 V’s strategy and their implications for the Company.

As you are aware you have had opportunities to discuss about some operations management issues in the format of SURPRISE QUESTIONS in the seminar sessions. You need to select THREE questions from the following table that were discussed in the seminar sessions before and answer the associated question. Each question must be answered separately with 250 words each. 


This is going to be a critical reflection from what you learnt in your seminar discussion and your own insight as the result of participation and engagement in seminar activities. Therefore, in addition to right answer, a critical analysis of your answer with rationale is essential. You are not expected to use academic references extensively, but you may refer to theories selectively and reference them if you want.


Case Study/Article



Critically analyse the Zappos’s positioning in four different dimensions of 4 V’s strategy and their implications for the Company.

Supplying Fast Fashion

Critically analyse which retailer could potentially have highest and lowest Total Supply Chain Cost and risk and why.

Turn round at Preston Plant

Critically analyse the historical trend of TQM cost of quality in this Company.

CSR as it is and Holkim

Critically compare and contrast the sustainability strategy between HSBC, Orange, John Lewis, Pearson and Holkim

Lean Management

Clearly, identify which specific types of 8 Lean wastes have been mainly targeted in Community Medical Associates (CMA) through introducing new Electronic integrated system for CMA and why, provide examples.

Future of Operations Management

Having read the article in seminar, critically evaluate what operations managers need to consider more in terms of challenges and strategies in the future (next decade), and why.


10% of the marks are assigned to the presentation of the assignment and also to referencing (references must be minimum 30 and good quality journal articles and books). It is strongly advised to use references appropriately in the text by using them where required. Also consider that some references may be used more than once in the text. Therefore, it is not just the matter of the quantity, it is also the matter of the quality of the references that are used and how you used them). 


Please, make sure you answer these 3 tasks separately under a specific heading and explain the issues by using underpinning academic theories and examples for all of these questions. You are expected to use all material from lectures, seminars and also use an appropriate number of academic relevant resources including text books from the recommended reading list and also peer reviewed academic journal papers from NORA and other data bases such as “Emerald”, “Science Direct” and “Business Source premier”. .


In addressing and critically analysing the case, you will need to consider global Operations Management strategies such as (but not limited to):


SCM Processes

           Supply Chain structure

           Purchasing and Strategic Procurement

           Logistics Management


Operations Excellence, efficiency and Improvement

           Benchmarking and Performance measurement

           Quality Management

           Six Sigma and TQM

           Lean and Agility



SC Partnership and IT

           Cross-functional activities and integration in SC

           Collaborative Supply Chain

           Information Technology


Global SC Challenges

           Sustainability in Global Supply Chain

           Supply Chain and Operations Risk Management

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