Q’s for: “Crucible of Empire: The Spanish American War” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g8NpQsmxj4 1) What happened in Cuba in 1868? 2) Who did Cuban sugar planters turn to when Spain could not lend them money due to a depressed economy? 3) What happened as a result of Cuban immigration to the United States during this era? 4) How did baseball and bull-fighting symbolize the struggle? 5) Who was Jose Marti and what did he do? 6) What kind of enemy did General Weyler face and what did he do? 7) What did Cuban rebels give to the American press? 8) Who was the New York Journals owner and editor and what did he do? What did he want to do with the Cuba “story?” 9) Why was war something that could “pull Americans together?” 10) How did Theodore Roosevelt feel about war? What position did T.R. occupy and who was Alfred Thayer Mahan? 11) How did the industrial revolution feed into the impetus to modernize the navy? 12) Who controlled the Philippines and how did T.R. view this situation? 13) Who was Emilio Eguinaldo and what did the Filipino people do in 1896? 14) What did the Spanish do as a result of not having enough resources to fight in both Cuba and the Philippines? 15) What did Spain offer as a result of pressure from President McKinely? 16) Why did McKinley order the U.S.S. Maine to Havana harbor? 17) What did the Cuban revolutionaries intercept and what did it say? What did Hearst do with the letter of Spain’s ambassador to the U.S.? 18) What happened to the U.S.S. Maine? What did Hearst do? 19) What did Undersecretary of the Navy, Theodore Roosevelt do when Secretary John Long took the afternoon off and left T.R. in charge? 20) What was the “Teller Amendment?” 21) What did Commodore Dewey do once Spain declared war on the U.S. and Congress authorized war against Spain? 22) What did Dewey promise Aguinaldo while bringing him back to the Philippines? Why did the Filipinos need American protection? 23) What did Theodore Roosevelt do once war broke out? 24) Who were the “immunes?” How were they treated by the white soldiers? 25) What happened at Kettle Hill and San Juan Hill and who got credit for the victory? 26) What killed nearly 5x the number of American soldiers who died in combat? 27) Who was not present when the Spanish flag was American flag was raised in Santiago? How were they characterized by Americans? 28) How were the Filipinos portrayed by Americans and the American press? 29) How was the Battle of Manila “staged?” 30) What did the rebels do in response? 31) What was McKinley’s dilemma at the peace conference in Paris? 32) What did opponents of annexation of Spanish colonies argue in their opposition to the treaty? 33) What did Ambrose Bierce mean when he said, “Taking an empire is not like smoking a cigarette.” 34) What did America do to improve living conditions in Cuba? 35) What role did women play in the Anti-imperialist League? 36) How did Aguialdo respond to the increase of American troops? 37) How did William Randolph Hearst respond? 38) What did American troops start doing? What were the casualty rates? 39) What was the “Platt Amendment?” 40) What happened after Emilio Aguinaldo was captured? 41) What did William Howard Taft call the Filipinos after he was appointed to be governor general of the Philippines? 42) How did Theodore Roosevelt become president of the United States? 43) What did General Jacob Smith order? 44) What happened at Batangas? 45) What did even Theodore Roosevelt conclude after acquiring the Philippines and the end of the Filipino revolution? 46) What did the Platt Amendment allow the Americans to do?

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