You are to write a 5 page paper based of watching a video and reading an article on Cultural Anthropology Practicum:The Ethnography Project. I will submit the rubric but after you watch the video these following questions you should focus on is : • Look for details about how the group interacts, and constructs their “social space.” What can you say about their gestures, and their proxemics (body positioning and body language)? • You might have an “emotive” or culture-bound reaction to what you see. This means that you might witness behavior that is quite different from your own, including interesting actions that are unfamiliar. Be reflexive about which situations this occurred and why you feel this way. • Be sure to take notes on what you think are the gender roles and how labor is divided among individuals. Note how men, women and children interact with one another. Do the groups appear to be doing different tasks? Does it appear that there is overlapping, or shared, knowledge between groups? How does the group share or divide the workload? • Note and describe in detail what kinds of tools are being used and who uses them (gender and age). How many tools were shown in the film in total? What sort of natural resources were used to make them? Do you think you could effectively make or use this tool? • Note and describe in detail the types of clothing. Does any aspect of clothing design appear to be gendered or differ on the basis of age? • Many of the behaviors you might not be able to understand. Thus, what are three things you would want to ask the Netsilik if you were to learn their language and why? Think about the definition of culture that we have been using throughout the course (symbolic, learned, etc.) Video links : (you can stop at 17:25 mark)

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