• Individual Article Review 2 Each student is required to review a peer reviewed journal article of his or her choice that is appropriately related to the material presented in this course. This is the second iteration of this assignment. Being that you have experience in creating a dissertation utilizing APA guidelines, APA formatting, and APA style writing this iteration of this particular assignment should entail improvements from the first iteration (if applicable).You  will prepare a written review of the article and compare and contrast subjects discussed in this course to material presented in the article. The second written assignment will be due in July 5th. The written review will consist of a 5 page document, including the title page and references. There should only be three pages of content analyzing the peer reviewed journal article (pages 2, 3, and 4). Each page should properly follow APA formatting and APA style writing. The cover page, headers, page numbering, running head, references, in-text citations, spacing, paragraphing, the use of the ampersand symbol, signal phrases, grammar, and punctuation should all thoroughly follow APA formatting and APA style writing. This dissertation should be prepared using APA guidelines as it relates to in-text citations and applicable direct quotes. Students should reference the article being reviewed, the required text for this course, and one additional sources related to the topic being expounded upon. There should be a minimum of three references. In contrast, students are free to reference any number of peer review sources, web findings, books, peer reviewed journal articles, newspaper articles, and applicable web videos

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