Cyrano de Bergerac

Chose one scene (several pages) from one of the texts that we have studied (Cyrano, Othello, or Streetcar.)* Then look closely at how that scene was adapted in one of the movie versions we watched and describe the meanings and effects of the adaptation. Some important notes: You should not just be making a list of differences. You should be trying to isolate some differences you think are significant and examining those differences. Think about why the changes you have chosen might have been made. In some cases, change is simply a function of translating a work from one medium to another (text to film); in other cases it might be a question of marketing or of accommodating modern audience expectations. Think about how the changes affect you as an audience member. Do they convey a new meaning? Change your perspective? Make a character more or less sympathetic? Make the scene seem more or less realistic? Change the emotional tone of the scene? You do not need to be exhaustive — you don’t have to look at every frame of film. But here are some aspects you might consider (you would only choose a few): casting camera technique editing mise-en-scene sound pacing editing/changing of dialogue addition or subtraction of characters

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