Describe and present codes and derived themes (results).

Assignment 3

Qualitative analysis 30%

This assignment assesses your ability to complete and present qualitative analysis of data by

applying the acquired knowledge to a real data set. It will test your analytical skills in qualitative

(interpretivist) context and your ability to present complex findings in a clear and effective manner.

Use the documentary data and theory provided via Moodle (available from 23 October 2015). If you

want to use data for a topic of your own, you have to get explicit approval from the lecturer, at least

10 days before the deadline for this assignment, as the data need to meet certain requirements. You

will not get approval if you can’t show the exact complete data set you are intending to use.

The essay has to have the form of a brief research report, with sections

Introduction. Very brief background based on the provided theory document. Define a
research topic, problem, purpose and question(s) that adequately guide the analysis you are

asked to do.

Research design. As in any research report, (briefly) describe the design including data
(collection) and analysis (coding process).

Results. Describe and present codes and derived themes (results). An important aspect of
this is the way you present data and results; make sure this is clear and effective. Use one or

more of the visual representation approaches discussed during workshops, choosing the

ones that are best suited to convey the essential elements. Any visual representation

should be supported (not described or repeated!) by the text.

Discussion. This is where the results are interpreted. Use the provided theory document as
a theoretical lens to interpret themes in relation to conceptual ideas.

Conclusions. This is where you answer the research question. Has to be brief and to the
point. May include recommendations.

References. List according to Harvard system.
Annex. You may use annexes to include e.g. colour coded data or other material that is too
detailed and bulky to include in the main report.

The References and Annexes are not included in the word count. Content in tables is not included in

word count.

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