Describe the drug actions of DOI, mCPP, ketanserin, and SDZ SER 082

Drugs like LSD and psilocybin induce some of the most difficult drug effects to observe objectively, such as visual hallucinations. Is it possible to study their effects in rodents? The research article attached to this assignment, AW7-Reading.pdf, is a paper from the literature about the head-twitch response (HTR) that is typically observable when mice or rats are administered a hallucinogenic drug.

Write your answers to the following questions in your own words.

1. Read the abstract of the article and describe the drug actions of DOI, mCPP, ketanserin, and SDZ SER 082.

2. Read the final paragraph of the Introduction section and explain why the researchers sometimes administered two different drugs in combination.

3. Read the Conclusion section and evaluate whether the frontal cortex is necessary or sufficient for the head-twitch response. 4. The drug mCPP induced the head-twitch response in the study, but mCPP is not hallucinogenic in humans. Give two ideas for why this might be the case. 5. What brain systems/mechanisms do you think might be necessary to generate the head-twitch response? Design an experiment that would test a possible mechanism

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