Describe the powerful questions that you will ask and answer in this quantitative

Students will prepare a graduate level analysis to answer the questions posted. This is the most important paper in the class and should demonstrate all that have learned during this course. You may need to make this paper longer than three to five pages to make your case. Remember this paper is not a book report of what you have read, but a direct application of what you have read and learned in this class.

This paper is designed for you to demonstrate through application and analysis the key points you have learned in this class and how you will apply these key points.

#1 Choose a company: you can use a small or a large company, it is not recommended that you use the same company that you have used for papers in this class. However, if you use the same company for this paper that you have analyzed for other papers in this class, you may not use the same data or analyses for this paper that you have used in other papers for this class. You are in danger of failing this paper (and this class) if you duplicate your analyses from other papers.

#2 Analyze: the competition for your company. Through research get to know the industry or field that your company occupies. Find out who is doing well in that field? Who is not? Why?

#3 Create: three to five specific examples of how your chosen company can beat their competition using information that you have directly learned in this class. Use the concepts AND THE analytical models provided to gain this advantage. These recommendations need to be backed up with analysis, citations from the text book and independent research. The recommendations need to be innovative and interesting and very well thought and written.

#4 Write: like a graduate student, APA, sources referenced, perfect grammar. Clear strong declarative sentences. Use very few pronouns. Include a strong reference section from the text book and additional resources from your research.

#5. Glossary: you are going to need to have a glossary of at least fifteen terms that you use in your final paper. The WIKI Glossary will help you to prepare for this part of the final assignment and to gain understanding of these terms.

#6. Question: Describe the powerful questions that you will ask and answer in this quantitative and qualitative analysis to gain competitive analysis through Operations.

#7. Class Concepts: You should include at a minimum three to five of the following concepts in your paper (See Rubric below to see how these class concepts (a – k) are to be woven through your paper):

Process Structure
Design Strategy
Customer Management
Supply and Logistics Management
Sales and Operations Planning
Materials and Resource Requirements
Logistics Management
Project Management
Specific Examples of Analytical Models Used

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