Design Proposal

Using publicly available crime and demographic statistics, apply methods and techniques learned in this course to develop the design of the field test so that, if implemented, one could measure its effects on the city’s crime rate. 1. Problem or Objective 2. Literature Review 3. Research Questions 4. Subjects for Study 5. Measurement 6. Data Collection Methods The design proposal paper should address all six elements noted in the list above with special emphasis on elements #5 and #6. Remember, you have already submitted a paper in Module 4 which addressed the first four elements, and you need only summarize these first four components of the proposal in no more than 3 pages of this assignment. In the remainder of this 5-page paper, describe and define the key variables in your study, propose and justify how you will measure these variables, indicate how you will collect data for your study (e.g., observation, survey, experiment) and describe what secondary data sources you will draw upon. Propose and justify in detail the design of the field test including the structure of the intervention, selection of the research sample, data required for measurement, and data collection sources and methods.

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