Determine the system’s functional requirements

Quality function deployment (QFD) is a methodology for incorporating the Voice of the Customer (VOC) into the design of products and services. It aims to capture and prioritise customer requirements and translate them into design requirements through the use of management and planning tools such as affinity diagrams, tree (hierarchy) diagrams, relations diagrams, matrices and tables.
QFD can be used to:
• establish what customers want from your product or service
• identify which design requirements support and impede one another
• ascertain your product/service strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
The project content includes extracting customer requirements, prioritising these using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and the Kano model, and using this information to complete a House of Quality (HOQ).
II. Learning Outcomes
Students will be expected to develop the following skills/understanding upon completion of the project:
1. Gain the knowledge about the role of industrial engineers and about the industrial environment.
2. Communicate effectively and work well in teams.
3. Addresses professional and ethical responsibility.
III. Project Files
Project description for all parts will be available on Moodle
IIII. Project Summary (Scenario)
The purpose of this project is to give students the opportunity to apply learnt skills in industrial engineering to improve products/services related to the industrial sector and market in Kuwait. Students are expected to use Kano model and/or AHP combined with quality function deployment (QFD) to satisfy customer needs in a selected product/service, determine the functional requirements necessary, and propose corrective changes in the process. The following tasks will likely be carried out by the students:

1. Research the literature as related to AHP, Kano model and QFD
2. Select a case study related to the industrial sector and market in Kuwait
3. Conduct customer surveys
4. Identify all customer needs and their priorities
5. Determine the system’s functional requirements
6. Develop the house of quality matrix
7. Analyze the results and propose an action plan

The theoretical basis for the research techniques proposed in this project is partially covered in this course, and the student requires extra effort to gain the required knowledge of the subject matter.
V. Deliverables & Project Management

This deliverable should be typed according to APA writing style and consists of the following:

Final Report
This deliverable is the final report that should be typed according to the APA writing style. As a minimum, it should include the following sections
i. Cover Page
ii. Abstract (objective, problem, methodology, and scope)
iii. Table of Contents
iiii. Introduction to AHP, Kano model and QFD
v. Literature Review
vi. Case Study, i.e. Description of the Problem
vii. Results and Discussion
viii. Conclusions
ix. References
x. Appendices

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