Developmental Psychology Journal 2

Find a peer-reviewed scientific journal article that relates to any topics covered in the Textbook chapters of the week. 1. Read the article and write a brief summary of the hypothesis (author’s prediction) and key findings/results of the article. Make sure the summary is in your own words. You will not get credit for cutting and pasting information from the article. 2. Then you will ask a question that you have about the article. This should be something authors said that you found confusing. Or maybe you felt you understood the article correctly but disagreed with how the authors went about the study. Come up with a thoughtful question about the research that you summarized and share it. 3. Additionally, please share feedback that you have on the course work so far. What did you find interesting, confusing? What connected to your life? What do you have questions about (in terms of the course)? What didn’t you like. You can be open here. There is no set journal “length”, but you want to make sure to address all these pieces for full credit. 

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