-The research assignment will require an understanding of the Developmental theories of Piaget and/or Erikson. You will be required to provide an explanation of how either one of these theories has influenced your developmental life. The assignment must be 5 pages typewritten (double-spaced) and must include an understanding of your own personal development. The research assignment is worth 60 points. Please do NOT list the theories/stages as I am very aware of them. You will need to be able to apply the theories/stages to your own personal life and development. -The research assignment is somewhat of an autobiography where YOU are the subject matter. Based on your own developmental life, you decide which of the theories and/or stages best describe your development. You may choose to utilize only one of the theorists or both of them, the stages will depend on you. Bibliographies, Reference List, Notations…etc are ONLY needed if you are using (quoting) someone else’s work. Please do not list/define the theories. I am very familiar with the theories. I want to know how well you understand and how well you apply the theory(ies) to your own developmental life.

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