Southwest CEOAs you have learned, there are some people who are both a good leader and a good manager. Gary Kelly at Southwest Airlines is one of those people. As you read through the paragraph, listen to the video, and visit the website, look for activities that Mr. Kelly performs that are management activities, and look for activities that are leadership activities. Due by Saturday, 11:59 p.m. (MT) end of Week 2 What You Will Turn In : A written paper of at least 500 words with at least two references and citations. Preparation Watch the video:Southwest Airlines – Destination CEO Video Series (3:56 minutes) Southwest Airlines – Destination CEO Video Series (Links to an external site.) Southwest Airlines – Destination CEO Video Series Read the summary Summary Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly is a 6’3″ Texan who wears jeans and cowboy boots and considers himself “just someone who works in the office.” When he flies, he always chooses to sit in the noisiest, most cramped last row of the airplane. Kelly makes sure he remembers employees’ names and takes time to talk with customers. Kelly came through the ranks with a rich finance background serving as a former accountant with Arthur Young and Co. and then as CFO (chief financial officer) of SWA. Kelly never had aspirations to become a CEO, but since assuming the position he has helped Southwest maintain its enviable position as the only airline earning profits every year since its founding in 1972. Kelly is credited with locking up fuel hedging contracts, resulting in paying less for jet fuel than competitor airlines. Southwest continues to focus on its founding principles: Keep costs down through fast turn-around time at the gate, fly all the same planes (737s) so that parts are maintenance costs are reduced, and treat customers like queens and kings. Oh yes, and one other principle: Treat employees even better than the customers. Southwest (NYSE: LUV) remains committed to its strategy to grow, but will be adding fewer planes and tightening flight schedules in several cities as a result of the slowing American economy. Kelly may be facing his greatest challenges to date as he leads the airline at a time when fuel hedges no longer provide cost protection from high jet fuel costs and employee labor disputes have started to appear. Visit the website (Links to an external site.) Questions: Based on the video and summary, please answer these two questions: Remember leading and managing are not the same. You read and heard about several of the actions and decisions Gary Kelly has made as CEO of Southwest Airlines. Describe one of Gary Kelly’s decisions that tells you he is a good manager and one of his actions that tells you he is a good leader. What do you think are the benefits of treating employees even better than the customers? Assignment Expectations Answer the questions using paragraph form Combined, answers should be at least 500 words Use a combination of your own ideas and content from the text keeping in mind the 80/20 rule At least two references and citations

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