Qualitative and quantitative research methods produce different types of data that are reported in the results section of a research article. Briefly describe the differences in these data types. Is one type more scientific than the other? Why or why not? Response to be at least 300 words with in text citations and reference given. Reference should be excluded from word count. This is a self made question.
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Differences in Data Types
Which is More Specific?

(I’m going to answer both at the same time).

The differences in types of data used between these two methods are substantial, yet, they overlap. One would use qualitative data when one is dealing with issues that are highly social, contextual or cultural. These are not easily reducible to numbers, as is required for quantitative research.

In a classic paper, Professor W.B. Runciman writes:

“Unconstrained by the need to reduce the data to a set of numbers, qualitative research may allow phenomena to be studied from more perspectives and in greater depth; it may also allow studies to be more easily carried out in a normal environment and during routine work.” (third citation above, page 146).

This is an excellent summary of the distinctions. The world is not based exclusively on numbers. Human decisions, morals and mental states, as well, are not easily amenable to becoming operationalized.

Qualitative data is broader than quantitative. The …

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