Digital technologies and school education policies.

 When writing about digital technologies and education policies in Australia, please choose three policies in this topic and when discussing the application of this policy in another country, please write about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia “Recommendations for your professional (teaching) peers in another country on what they should consider if Australia’s policy designs were adopted in their country” These are some of the sources that the lecturer provided us: This resource is from the Australian Public Service Commission and is about implementing policy. It shows there are lots of ways to go about achieving a desired outcome. In your assignment ( show that you have considered alternative approaches and not just the one that has been chosen in your policy text. Even if you agree with the approach that has been taken in the policy text, good analysis requires a consideration of the alternative. Smarter Policy from the APSC (Links to an external site.) This link is to a clearing house of policy analysis. It is American, but it still provides good models of policy analysis that you can search by topic. In your assignment (  look into critiques that have been developed in this literature. To do this you would need to read perhaps 10-20 articles and identified the key issues that are found within them. A critical policy resource centre Please read the article What’s ahead for Education Policy in 2018 (Links to an external site.) Other resources for this week: Education for the future – Promoting changes in policies and practices: the way forward Remarks by Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General, delivered at the Education Ministerial Round Table, UNESCO 10 October 2009 – UNESCO, Paris, France (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) Education Policy and the Politics of Change pp 1-17

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