directions: write at least 1250 of your own words. Describe the actions you undertake,

directions: write at least 1250 of your own words. Describe the actions you undertake, what, when, where, how. Tell me what you learned and how it matters for you and others. Number one brainstorm. Then arrive at a focus number to compose and submit a project plan by the due date on the syllabus. Number three complete your study or investigation. Number for compose and submit your written documentation by the due date on the syllabus.

Suggested format: wanted to page intro, what you did, surprises, connections, difficulties, arguments. Number to write three key takeaways one page each, see how you will use each one and how it matters. Number three compose the personal comments on your project and your next steps.

Grading: your project should meet the personal learning essay criteria which includes an Anecdote , a catalyst, and then application. It should explain how your project shows academic vigor and indicate how you have been responsive to my comments on your project plan.

anecdote: detail a single explicit antidote that illustrates your new learning give sufficient descriptive facts to tell a story. It should be a personal interaction or event that occurred at a specific time and place with a vivid detail that illustrates the main point.

catalyst: identify inside a specific catalyst from baby knows best that you use to spark new thinking. State the source and page number or paragraph. It is something that should cause a reaction a key idea or evidence or information that had impact for you, a stimulus or a spark.

Application/next step: this is where you explain how you can apply your new learning in real life and what your next step is they have you have used or will use it to benefit you or to help others you may use your anecdote to illustrate how you could have use this learning in the past.

I have already completed the project plan. this plan is where my teacher decided that my project is going to be on the book called “Baby Knows Best” by Deborah Solomon. This book is where she talks about Gerber and their believes and explains how children don’t need helicopter parents and it’s basically all about kids in this essay is going to be about that book. It should be the only source.

essay directions: the way you should do this project is to read a current college level book also known as “Baby Knows Best” by Deborah Solomon. It should have all of the grading and suggested format in it above. it does not have to sound like a very professional paper, it is more about understanding and learning and the grammar doesn’t have to be as proper it should be more about details and understanding. The more personal connections the better.

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