Area of criminal law (not procedure)


Paper details:

Requirements: 8-page research paper (not including title page or bibliography) Times New Roman, 12-point font, no more than double spaced, 1 inch margins You must use at least 8 resources (books, magazines, journals, newspapers, websites, etc.) Wikipedia does not count as a source,but may provide direction to your research Your textbook may count as 1 resource APA formatting Your paper is worth 25% of your weighted grade The paper will be submitted through SafeAssign. This will tell me what percentage of your paper comes from other sources. I will accept up to 35% without any deduction. 36-50% will get a 5 points deduction. 51-60% will receive a 10 point deduction. Anything above 60% will receive a 0 for the assignment. Even if everything is cited properly, I want to hear YOUR words and YOUR thoughts on the subject, not read regurgitated material. Topic: Choose an area of criminal law (not procedure) that is of an interest to you, ex. Burglary. Discuss the history and development of the modern criminal law you chose. Are there federal laws on it or just state laws? If state, how do different state laws compare/contrast? How does the law you chose affect the daily life of an average American?

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