Discuss the role of ideas in the art and music of the Renaissance compared to the role of ideas in the art of the Middle Ages

Choose one of the topics listed below: a) Discuss the role of ideas in the art and music of the Renaissance compared to the role of ideas in the art of the Middle Ages. Make sure that you use specific examples. b) Considering that the majority of art and music in the Renaissance was commissioned, the role of patronage is an important aspect of the work produced. Write an essay that answers the question: “How did the Church and State see themselves though art and music?” The term “Church” can mean patronage as an institution, or you can look at specific individuals acting in the name of Christianity. The term “State” can mean any political institution of authority, and again, you can look at collective or individual action in the name of that political body. In your 9-page essay, you must make an argument, and demonstrate a firm understanding of the essential ideas and historical trajectory (here you will have to examine causes and consequences). Focus on concepts and illustrate them with specific examples. In addition to the concepts and specific examples, you must also discuss their significance. Your paper must contain a thesis, an argument, evidence, analysis, citations, and a conclusion. Above all, you must think you way through the material as you develop your ideas. What I do not want is a paper that reads like a book report. Here are a few thoughts and questions to ponder as you think about your essay: First, what specific ideas do you see in art and music? Who originated them, or, where did they come from? Where those ideas rooted in history? In trade and commerce? What about technology? Religion? Who held ideas and put them into practice? How? What succeeded? What failed? How were the lives of average people affected by new ideas? Where do those ideas appear in art and music? How do ideas translate into money? What was the role of money? Did money always equal power? How stable were the various societies? How tumultuous? Did one outweigh the other? How does art and music emerge from tranquility? From conflict? What are the preconditions of art and music? How was art and music transformed by technology? What role did the Church and/or the State have in new technology? How much control did they exert over art and music? How did artists and musicians see themselves? Obviously I could go on and on. My point here is that by asking yourself the right questions and by answering them, you will have essentially written your paper in your head. For this paper, you might wish to write a fictional story as a means of explaining history. Place yourself, or third person characters, into the past and offer analysis from that insider perspective. You may find the paper is more fun to write using this method, but I will offer a few cautionary comments. Do not let the story get away from you – remember, this is foremost a paper about history and you must include analysis and examples. Especially watch your language – you cannot be colloquial (modern slang) if you are placing yourself or your characters in previous centuries. For some reason, many students think that they have stumbled upon a new story-telling device by using a time machine or magic carpet – please do not use them in your story. Just because you are writing a fictional story does not mean you can “make up” historical facts.

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