Do they want to work with the market leader in a specific segment?

Would they want to work with a company that is already one of their customers? Depends. Can work with certain firms faster (i.e. Reckitt) than others (i.e. a P&G).

Could it be one of Aptar customers’ competitors? Not a concern.

Do they want to work with the market leader in a specific segment?

6) Other questions: Market data (Euromonitor vs. Freedonia research references), …

Euromonitor is more historic as oppose to forecasting.
From concept to production a fully new design it could be 2 years to bring the solution to market. 2020 is right on the money.


Market research – Analysis Consumer needs & B2B research {knowledge of consumer survey is desirable.

Strategic management – Analysis of key supply chain participants and their market positioning. Include Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT analysis and other appropriate analysis.

Technology – Ability to understand the basic wipes technology, dispensing technology & industrial design thinking.

Futurist – Ability to project future scenerios gathered data {2016 – 2020}.

Business planning – Experience with creation of business plan to drive growth in new and underdeveloped market spaces i.e. Canada and Mexico

This write-up has to be more qualitative than quantitative {backed with tabulated numerical data i.e. pie charts, bar charts and graphs. This article write up has to be more data driven data tabulations, graphs, pie charts and bar charts.

There has to be adequate collation of data from USA, Canada & Mexico

IMPORTANTLY, the Decision tree has to be specifically detailed to Aptar business venture into 1) Technology, 2) Geography {Canada, USA, Mexico) & 3) Partnerships/ Joint ventures {Proctor & Gamble, Private label, Berlin Packaging etc.
Decision tree should be diagrammatically exhibited at all, thus, for the final 6 sigma based recommendations to delve into the business. This provides sharp teeth for this research conclusions.

Finally, this research has to be more quantitatively data for a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL ANALYSIS —-> driven with tabulations, graph, pie charts and bar charts.


2 of the best references to use for the write up should from:

References provided
Any other resources that has solid data’s that are relevant

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