Do zoos violate animal rights or welfare?

Description Select an ethical issue from contemporary society that you would like to explore, a problem, case study, etc. You may obtain the issue from class discussion, your text, news, magazines, etc 2. Identify why this is an ethical issue 3. Identify the factors, beliefs, situations, or issues regarding the pro and con sides of the issue. 4. Explore the background, history behind the issue. i.e. if discussing a company discuss the background of the company. 5. Apply the moral theories to the issue to determine is the situation morally justified or not, and why? 6. Case studies are always useful. 7. Conclude the paper with your educated thoughts and opinions regarding this issue. Pick a position and explain why! This section should contain references to your reading and study concerning the topic and should be presented in a cogent, logical piece of writing. This paragraph is an important section of the paper as it indicates your thinking process and explains how you developed your conclusions. 8. You must use a minimum of 3 academic source materials for references. (articles, textbooks, etc) 9. Use the textbook, the readings from the Web, and any additional sources to help you. 10. You must have a reference page for this paper listing at least three sources. Please title the page Works Cited

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