Does a nurse driven protocol reduce the rate of CAUTIs

This paper will have an 8-page narrative (8 pages maximum – 5 point deduction for over page limit) plus a title page, abstract page, and reference list. You must use a minimum of four original research articles for your paper. The purpose is to write a review of the literature on to answer your PICOT question (Does the use of a nurse-driven protocol to discontinue unnecessary indwelling catheters reduce the rate of catheter-associated urinary tract infections in adult patients throughout their hospital stay compared to the routine practice of needing a physician’s order for discontinuation?) using original research evidence. Discuss how this health problem is applicable in both the United States and a non-USA country, and appraise four original research studies on this topic. This is a scholarly paper, written as if it was a “Review of the Literature” article published in a nursing journal. Select articles published within the past five years (2014 to present). Do not use a non-peer review journal. Do not use a literature review article or systematic review article or clinical protocols as one of your articles. At least TWO of the four original research report articles MUST BE authored by nurses and published in a peer-reviewed nursing journal. At least ONE of the two nursing research studies must address nursing practice in a non-USA country. Page 1: Title page Create a title for your paper. Refer to your APA Manual. Page 2: Abstract The abstract should open with a sentence that will serve as an introduction to and purpose of the paper. Then describe what is in each part of the paper. An abstract is usually a brief outline of the contents of the paper that typically does not exceed 250 words. At the end of the abstract place the phrase Key Words, and denote 3-4 keywords that would describe your paper (as for publication and indexing in CINAHL or Pub

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