Does the program develop cultural intelligence?

This discussion will help you build skill in evaluating the interdependent variables that impact the value and trajectory of global leadership development programs in terms of their effectiveness in fostering deep self-awareness and growth as well as cultural intelligence and nonlinear systems thinking. Part of the evaluation will involve the sets of interdependent variables that are built into the paths that enhance skills for global leaders.

Revisit PepsiCo’s leadership development program, and evaluate its capacity to foster the “leading from behind” skills (“Where Will We Find Tomorrow’s Leaders?,” 2008, p. 126). Look specifically at variables such as cultural intelligence, nonlinear systems thinking, self-awareness, and growth. Include answers to the following questions in your post:

Does the PepsiCo program challenge existing assumptions about what leaders should be in such a way as to empower a more self-directed and self-selected leadership development trajectory or process?
Does the program support an outside-in or an inside-out focus (imposed or self-generated)?
Does the PepsiCo program foster the capacity to support the personal growth of self and others in a nonlinear, multi-minded system?
Does the program develop cultural intelligence?

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