Does the United States’ involvement in International Organizations (The UN, NATO, WTO, etc) and international treaties negatively or positively affect our Homeland Security? Why is this the case? 

The paper should be written using the APA Handbook and guidelines. Do not include works in your references that are not cited. We are CRAZY about insisting on using APA format. Your entire paper including your bibliography/references MUST be in APA format – see me if you have questions or need help. Failure to use APA is an automatic 10 points off your paper grade. MANY programs will format your papers for you – and I am always happy to introduce you to a few. You will be submitting your papers through SafeAssign and the following rant is because every semester I have a student who thinks they can get away with it. The end result is usually begging, tears, apologies, threats, and ultimately a failing grade – and that’s just from the instructor. Plagiarism is a direct violation of the Florida State University and will not be tolerated. Any instances of plagiarism found may result in failure of the assignment as well as the full weight of an FSU Honor Code Violation. The Florida State University Academic Honor Policy outlines the University’s expectations for the integrity of students’ academic work, the procedures for resolving alleged violations of those expectations, and the rights and responsibilities of students and faculty members throughout the process. Students are responsible for reading the Academic Honor Policy and for living up to their pledge to “. . . be honest and truthful and . . . [to] strive for personal and institutional integrity at Florida State University.” (Florida State University Academic Honor Policy, found at Under no circumstances should you be using Wikipedia or similar websites as a reference for your papers. This includes any website that allows for community editing of information (a wiki). However, you may visit Wikipedia, etc. to find other primary source information.

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