Create a game where children learn a concept based on a theme or book. (No ABC, colors or 123 as concepts allowed.) Submit a picture, or outline of your game explain how to play and what the children will learn and how they will learn it. Explain (a) how it is played, (b) why you chose that topic, and (c) discuss variations or differentiation that is possible in the playing of the game. all games should have a “rules of play” discussed. The following directions may help you in creating a game. Using arts & crafts materials, pictures, lettering, oaktag, manipulatives, spinners, dice or any other materials, candidates will create a game for preschool children that supports a skill, concept, competeratedncy or learning outcome. The game may be theme based to support a current classroom activity, bundle or area of student interest (i.e. transportation, our community, being a good friend, etc.) or may support a curriculum area (math, science, health). The concept addressed in the game should be an outgrowth of course material we have focused upon and/or need generated in your classroom (if you currently work in a school). Your game should be both visually appealing and engaging for preschool children. Originality and creativity are expected outcomes. Try to avoid ABC, 123 or red,blue,green; there is so much of this already commercially produced. Be Original! Be Creative! Criteria Ability to focus on a skill, topic or competency relevant to the Early Childhood curriculum and/or the preschool CCLS This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Vocabulary & Language Ability to foster new vocabulary and stimulate conversation among students and between student and adults. The ability to attract, engage and maintain student interest as a player in this game. Rules and guidelines are simple to learn & follow, pieces are easy to manipulate; game has the ability to hold children’s interest; children are able to be successful. Visually attractive to children, neat & clearly written letters, numbers, symbols, words, etc.; the visual aspect supports the concept. The game has a professional “look” (Eye Appeal is Buy Appeal).

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