Your milestone two is due this week. Now that you’ve introduced your facility you’re going to go in and analyze several elements.Part 2 of healthcare organization. There are three separate areas for milestone two. Each of the key points under each numbered main point should have a paragraph. There should be a total of eight paragraphs at the very least for this paper. Please remember that all of these questions should relate to your chosen institution from week one. All of your examples should relate with your institution. You are also welcome to return milestone one with any revisions with milestone two. I will provide comments with milestone one but only milestone two will be graded. The first one is economic theories and principles related to economic disparities. Economic disparities: If you remember from our readings economic disparities is a difference in measures of economic well-being among individuals within the community. Economic theories: Then you want to look at your top 2 to 3 economic theories that can be applied to the healthcare industry and then your rationale why. Use of economic principles: Then you want to discuss how organizations use economic principles to guide short and long-term decision-making.

In other words, how to economic principles guide your goals? The second one discusses for-profit and nonprofit financial and economic differentiation. Financial differentiation: logically analyze the differences between for-profit and nonprofit healthcare organizations financially. What are some specific characteristics that make the organizations different? Economic differentiation: how do you distinguish for-profit and nonprofit from the lens of economic policies and legislation? What key recent and current economic policies impact each? The third one discusses policy, changes and disparities Economic policy and disparities in care: using current research from the last five years analyze the relationship between economic policy and disparities in care. How are they connected and how do they differ? So, review the literature from the last five years on your topic and effectively analyze the relationship between economic policy and disparities in healthcare. Policy changes: what impact can recent legislative changes have on the economic policy in healthcare in general? This is a more global aspect of health care changes in legislation. Disparities planning: why are disparities of care factored into health care strategic planning? Explain the rationale and provide examples for support where appropriate.All papers go through database to verify paper is not plagiarized. 

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