Ecosystem Based Management

 Description The goal of the group assignment will be to assess the degree to which a company actually participates in a sustainable triple bottom line business practice. Students will be required to determine whether the application of triple bottom line principles in a particular business will allow for continued profitability. Why or why not? Does the business’s adoption of these principles affect customer behaviour, and if so, how does this contribute to the overall environmental impact of the business? The deliverables for this include both a formal academic paper. Deliverable I: A Report worth 75% of the assignment grade. The first deliverable will be a formal academic paper, a report using APA style formatting, 15-20 pages in length. It will include a background on the industry, key business characteristics and processes of the selected company, and approach taken to applying selected aspects of TBL. An analysis and speculation are required for the impact of the shift to TBL for the company, its impact on local and global ecosystems, and how the concepts of people and planet impact on company profitability. The report will fully integrate its supporting documents for it (7-10 references, the majority from journal articles). Deliverable II: A PowerPoint Pitch worth 25% of the assignment grade. The second deliverable will be a more creative venture where you imagine your team must pitch your plan to the CEO of the company involved and so you must develop a slick, visually appealing, informative, and engaging package that gives a concise overview and spells out the highlights of your model. This package should be in the form of a PowerPoint slideshow with no more than 7 slides containing a variation on the “elevator pitch” and an assortment of media from text, photos, illustrations, graphs, even audio and video as suits the presentation and skills of the team. Remember that flashier is not necessarily better – the goal is to grab a CEO’s attention and quickly communicate your plan most effectively. Note that for this project you will not be required to actually make the pitch, but simply create the PowerPoint for it, and so it must stand on its own. Instructions Students will work in teams to select a major Canadian company working in a major industrial sector (agricultural, manufacturing, mining/oil extraction, energy, or transportation -). The team will apply the triple bottom line concept towards a review or hypothetical “makeover” of the company. In so doing they will need to do a careful case analysis of the company, including what it produces; the resources it uses; its impact on various ecosystems at both a local and global level; and not merely its manufacturing processes, but its distribution system, sales strategy, human resources, etc. T

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