Editorials on Transgender in Kindergarten

Read this two article and answer the question below. This is my final exam paper, so please be specific and detail when you answering the question. There is four question to answer read this article. Editorial 1: from The LA Times (2017) Ankur Dhawan’s 6-year-old daughter walked into the living room one day in June and told her family she’d learned in school that you could be a girl in a boy’s body. Her classmate was one of those girls, she said. She asked her dad, “How does this happen?” Caught off guard, Dhawan invoked the Hindu god Ganesha. “Ganesha put souls in bodies, sometimes he goofs up, and that’s all there is to it,” Dhawan told her. That seemed to be all the explanation she needed. His daughter calls her classmate by her desired name and almost always uses the right pronoun. When she messes up, he gently corrects her. Dhawan is happy, though, that outside resources exist to teach his daughter about gender identity. She began to learn her way around the subject when her teacher at her Northern California charter school, Rocklin Academy Gateway, read from the book “I am Jazz,” co-written by transgender teenager Jazz Jennings. Earlier that week the teacher had told the class to refer to their classmate as a girl, by a new name. In the book, Jazz says, “I have a girl brain but in a boy body. This is called transgender. I was born this way!” “I think it’s a great way of addressing a very pertinent issue,” Dhawan said. “I think the book does it in a way that’s at least meaningful from the 5- or 6-year-old perspective.”

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