Education and Career goals in Chemical Engineering

 Educational goals “To acquire an academic foundation so that I may have the capability to continue developing an intellectual capacity in critical reasoning and have the ability to recognize and address complex problems in chemical engineering. My goal in education is to obtain a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Chemistry. After completion, my goal is to undertake the Fundamentals of Engineering(FE) examination. Attend an ABET-accredited institution Undertake the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination directly after completing a baccalaureate degree Complete the Professional Engineering (PE) exam after at least four years of relevant work experience I wish to obtain the capability to recognize and address complex problems, develop an intellectual capacity in critical reasoning and quantitative skills to identify and solve problems in chemical engineering; Career goals to obtain job placement in researching energetic materials to obtain job placement with the U.S. Army research laboratory Increase professional knowledge and training. … Increase earnings. … Improve low-functioning work processes or relationships. … Have new experiences. … Attain a leadership role.”

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