Can you help me get started with this. Approx 400-450 words two references original only please.

Discuss three stereotypes you encounter in your own life and the effect those stereotypes can have on others. This can be a stereotype you realize you have been guilty of holding or someone else’s.

  1. Explain what the stereotype is
  2. What sort of argument, no matter how flawed, might be used to support it?
  3. Identify any mistakes you find in that argument.
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One stereotype that I have encountered, is the stereotype that all black men speak Ebonics instead of standard English. This is a stereotype that involves the usage of slang terminology instead of proper English when speaking to members of one’s own ethnic group or others. The argument that is used to support this stereotype is the fact that a great deal of the inner-city youth engage in the utilization of this form of language, and speak in a way that is barely discernible to individuals from not within those areas. One of the primary mistakes that I find with that argument, is the fact that the vast majority of African-American males are highly adept at speaking standard English, and many of these …

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