Effects on the mental health of high school athletes who participate in sports

Be sure the article you choose to review is a research-based article and not a review-based article. All submissions must include a title page, be grammatically correct, properly edited and abide strictly to APA style of writing (6th edition). Write the source at the top of the page in APA format. Include a few parenthetical citations throughout your review. Use direct quotes sparingly. Only use a direct quote if the exact phrasing of the original material is crucial to your point and you are unable to paraphrase. Answer these questions about the study, however, write your article review in paragraph format and do not include these questions as headings (see the EXAMPLE Article Review as reference). Provide an introduction to the study. What is the research question/ purpose statement offered by the author(s) Who were the participants? Include demographic items (age, gender, location, year in school, etc.) What was the procedure? How was the study conducted? (Survey instrument? Interview? Historical/Archived data?) What was the data analysis? Statistical methods used for quantitative? Methods used for qualitative? What were the results/ findings? What are the implications from the study? How do they relate to your overarching topic in physical education, administration, exercise science, or sport? (Remember you must stay in third-person writing here.)

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