Either you can do it in Java or C++

I’m working on a Computer Science question and need guidance to help me study.

1. Create a binary search tree that takes in information from the user to add nodes containing a key and at least two pieces of information. Users can also ask for information based on a key (5), print out all the nodes in order (6), print out the number of nodes (7), and the height of the tree (8).

2. Pick something that you would like to organize (marvel movies, D&D, palm trees, family members, manifest of the mayflower…)

3. Each key must be unique

4. Each node needs contain information about the subject (struct, object oriented programming, create an object)

5. create a find function by key

6. print function, print out all nodes in order

7. numbernode function that prints out the number of nodes

8. treeheight function prints out the height of the tree

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