Electronic Presentation on African American Culture

 In completing your Electronic Presentation, you will select a work of literature, poetry, music, or some other cultural work or form created or popularized by an African American during the time periods of the 1917-1949. You will present that cultural work and compare it to a work of African American culture created within your lifetime. For example, if you were born in 1997, your second cultural selection needs to have been created between 1997 and the present. The works you select do not have to share a form (i.e. a poem can be compared to a song; a painting can be compared to a sculpture, etc.). Your Electronic Presentation on African American Culture should be in the form of a digital video presentation, an audio-laden PowerPoint or Prezi presentation, a YouTube clip, a podcast, or some other similar and easily accessible audio-visual electronic format that you create. Your Electronic Presentation must be creative in both style and substance. In presenting the works, you will need to provide a little bit of background information on your chosen works (i.e. when and where were the works created; who created them or made them famous; and, what impact did the works have on the cultural landscape then and since they first appeared?). You will also have to briefly explain why you made those particular selections, and explain what you think each work tells people about congruencies and/or changes in the African American experience from the eras of the 1917- to the late-20th and early-21st centuries. Through your Presentation, you will serve as the professor for your own lesson.

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