You will compile a list of resources for use when talking with families. Each resource will have: 1. The name, address, phone number and web-site address of the organization 2. A note on who is served, what services are available, and any other important information. 3. The best way to organize this information may be in the form of a chart or table. The resource file will include the following categories: 1. Services for families a. WIC – Women, Infants, and Children b. SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) c. Local Food Banks d. Local Health Clinic(s) e. DFACS – Division of Family and Children Services f. United Way g. Red Cross h. Salvation Army 2. Schools: a. Local School District b. State or Area Head Start 3. Crisis Intervention: a. Teen Depression b. Teens and Sex (Planned Parenthood has lots of information) c. Teens and Drugs 4. Other: a. Georgia Department of Education b. Bright From the Start/DECAL c. GA Professional Standards Commission d. Sex Offenders e. Center for Disease and Control (CDC)

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