Emergency management teams and business continuity teams should be a single entity/department as opposed to being separate in an organization

Hello, and thanks in advance. The assignment involves writing a paper. The paper is to be based on a previous literature review based on this topic. The literature review is attached as a document. This paper should be longer at 17 pages. ***This Paper should not be a copy of the literature review but rather new and original work building on the research done. Outline should tell what direction paper will be taking and demonstrate to what you are actually trying to prove.*** ***Use sources from literature review attached as “bus cont lit review.docx”*** The hypothesis to support: Having the emergency management team and business continuity team as a single entity/department within an organization is beneficial as opposed to having them as separate entities. Main important information above ————————————————————————— Additional information below from literature review order description. This could help with writing this paper. Ideally, since the business continuity team concerns itself with keeping the business alive and the emergency management team is concerned with saving lives/immediate threats, they would be separate. But most of the time because of the way things work out, they are in the same department/entity. This can be beneficial. I have gathered some sources and plan to explain how this is true by analyzing and explaining how plans taken during disasters are intertwined with keeping the business alive at the same time. I intend to write with information from our textbook, the Tylenol Crisis, Maryland Flooding, Boeing Disaster, and crisis management and Virginia tech attack, and information technology. For example, there was an emergency management team of 7 people during the tylenol poisoning crisis that had both plans of saving lives and keeping the business alive. This can be seen as an emergency management team and business continuity acting as ‘one entity’. They issued a recall to save lives and as an effect of their actions with communication, it also resulted in business continuity by preserving the company’s image. example i came across that may help “I believe that the business continuity team in an organization should be a part of emergency management teams. It is important that these related fields work together to provide a team based approach to an emergency. An article written by Julia Halsne discusses the integration of business continuity and emergency management using the East Bay Municipal Utility District as a prime example. The municipal utility district “provides potable water to approximately 1.3 million customers and treats wastewater for approximately 680,000 customers on the eastern side of San Francisco Bay in Northern California” (Halsne, 2015). Their corporate policy requires the District to create and maintain an active emergency preparedness program and business continuity plan. For these programs to work effectively they must be coordinated. “As the programs at the District have evolved, the natural interrelationship, overlaps and integration have become inherent in their success” (Halsne, 2015). The integration and coordination of business continuity and emergency management has aided in their planning and response to incidents. It proves that the blending of both teams can be a valuable asset during a disaster.” Here are some sources I have so far which I believe when interpreted can help the case of my hypothesis being true. Other sources talking about my hypothesis more directly would be good too to add. I suggest finding connections like the one above. I need at least 10 as specified. Please find some more, and feel free to swap a couple sources out for others if you believe it will be better for this literature review. i was able to get some as pdf and uploaded Hiles, A. (2014). Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management(3rd ed.). Wiley-Blackwell. Halsne, J. (2015). Integrating Business Continuity, Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Response: How these Seemingly Different Disciplines can come Together to make a Comprehensive Integrated Programme. Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning, 8(4), 307-316. Retrieved February 27, 2019, from https://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/hsp/jbcep/2015/00000008/00000004/art00005;jsessionid=5cw5nhv19un7u.x-ic-live-03. https://www.emeraldinsight.com/doi/abs/10.1108/14725960510808365 https://search-proquest-com.libproxy.adelphi.edu/docview/218941831?accountid=8204&pq-origsite=360link https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1523422310394433 https://www.cahfdisasterprep.com/powershutoff https://resources.infosecinstitute.com/difference-business-continuity-planning-disaster-recovery/#gref (last source here above compares/contrasts the 2, seems useful)

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