Emma is a 19 year old student. You gather the following anthropometric data on her:

Height 5’4″

Weight 110 lbs.

Wrist circumference 14.5 centimeters

Elbow breadth 1.5 inches

Utilizing the CDC growth chart for her age, calculate Emma’s BMI and plot her age and BMI on the chart. What BMI percentile does she fall into and what classification does this put her in according to Box 6.1 on page 175 of your Lee text? (You only need to provide the percentile for this questions, you do not need to provide a copy of the growth chart)

Calculate Emma’s frame size using her height to wrist circumference ratio. How does this frame size compare to her frame size based on the elbow breadth measurement?

What assumptions might you make about Emma’s nutrition status based solely on this information?

What additional anthropometric data would you want to collect to have a more complete picture of her nutrition status?

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