Emotion Focused Therapy

 Theory Papers: There will be a total of 4 Theory Papers that you will write this semester. The theory papers must be on one of the theories that has been covered in the course material. These four papers should be no less than four (4) and no longer than five (5) pages each. As with all papers, your discussion will need to be supported from the readings, class lectures, and other external sources. They need to be properly cited according to APA requirements, and will be graded on the basis of correct formatting. At the beginning of the semester all of you will have been given a case that we as a class will be following throughout the course. This will give you some foundation for how you can discuss the case in your theory paper. Please do not write a paper on an intervention model that has not been discussed in class. Please note that the papers are to be submitted through Blackboard and Safe Assign on the dates specified in the outline below. No late reports will be accepted. These will count for 50 points each, for a total of 200 points. The outline you must use for the discussion papers is as follows: 1. Provide a brief history of the model. Who developed it and how/why did the theory of way of counseling develop? 6 2. What are the key features of the intervention model? Describe and explain the model. What are the core foundations and structure of this theory? What does the theory say about how problems develop and how the model is designed to address those problems? 3. What is the role of the therapist in this particular model? What approach does the therapist take in the counseling room? 4. How would this theory or intervention model be applied to Darnell and his problems? You can choose a specific issue of to focus on, i.e. his depression, social isolation, etc. 5. Give a brief statement about which aspects of the model would be most helpful, and why (or why not) What is your opinion of the model? Use the above bold type in each question as headings for each section. You should have clear headings/sections in your paper where you address each numbered item. Quotes from the texts should be minimal. Be certain you are using your own paraphrasing but citing the author for the information. Lastly, please do not re-state the facts given in the case study. Your reader is already familiar with the case. This history is provided as a context for you to apply the concepts in working with him.

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