1) (a) Discuss Empowerment and Empowerment Theory in the Generalist Practice or social work practice, (b)The Strengths Perspective in the Generalist Practice or social work practices, and (c) Resiliency and why this focus is a vital concept in the Generalist Practice.

2) Discuss how the understanding of this focus intersects with working with diverse groups and populations, particularly those who are oppressed.

3) How can a focus on strengths enable an individual, group or other system to cope with adversity and survive?
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  1. Empowerment and empowerment theory in social work practice generally deals with providing clients with the psychological self-confidence to take control of their lives and destinies, through positive reinforcement etc. The Strengths perspectives in social work practice utilizes an individual’s advantages or strengths such as a strong family unit, strong willpower, etc., as leverage for helping the individual to improve their present condition. Resiliency is a very important …

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