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a) Based on a design building heat loss of 50 W/m2 select an appropriately sized gas fired boiler, or boilers, for the whole building and locate it/them in the ground floor Services room. Provide manufacturers literature as appropriate to demonstrate your selection procedures and explain your thinking as to why one or more boilers were selected. Procedures are demonstrated in lectures b) – Select and size, using earlier determined room heat losses together with manufacturers’ literature as appropriate, a suitable type of heat emitter or emitters, on a room by room basis, for all the rooms on both floors. Position emitters appropriately within the rooms on the drawing, connect them together with flow, and return pipework via appropriate horizontal and vertical pipe runs to and from the boiler plant room location. Select a minimum of two heating circuits per floor for this purpose. Illustrate your design on a plan drawing complete with any appropriate annotations (rise to high level above ceiling, drop to low level, etc.,) and ideally using pipework location notation symbols as those uploaded to Blackboard General Support Documents. Procedures are demonstrated in lectures c) – Design a suitable lighting installation, using the lumen method as shown in lectures, for the ground floor drawing Office. Provide manufacturers literature as appropriate. Illustrate your design on a plan drawing complete with any appropriate annotations. Procedures are demonstrated in lectures As well as luminaire selection and the determination of suitable numbers, discuss how the lighting installation might be controlled in an attempt to reduce electrical energy consumption. d) – Determine the approximate summertime heat gain in kilowatts for the first floor General Office by identifying all contributory factors and their potential heat gain inputs. Discuss how these gains could be reduced to avoid or lessen the requirement for air-conditioning. e) – Discuss the typical measures used in the construction of such an office building in relation to avoiding noise disturbance from both external and internal sources. This discussion should cover both passive and active measures and should examine the building envelope, the internal structures/spaces, M&E services, speech and typical office equipment. f) – Produce of a high-quality report in terms of structure, format, visual aids, spelling, grammar, citations and references.

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