Environmental Science; wind power

 Expound on the answer  to the questions below.  Please use citations within the paragraphs of answers and list resources below the answers. What is the environmental irony of wind power presented by Martin Pasqualetti in the article “Wind Power”? What do you think of wind power? Would you want it in your back-yard? How do you think people’s perception of what is aesthetically acceptable will have to change to accommodate alternative energy resources, such as wind power? The environmental irony is that wind power was pitched as one of the keys to save the environment by acting as an alternate source of energy but it reality it is changing the layout of the land with its big machinery in plain sight and running through some of the nicest lands in the country. Just like other sources of alternative energy, I think it has its place but is not the answer to all of our energy needs. The obvious point is that there is not wind everywhere so some places will benefit more than others and some places will just not be suitable to power windmills due to lack of wind. Also, it takes a lot of metals and fiberglass to build these huge windmills which in turn means that it is causing the use of more energy to make these products elsewhere. 

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