Equality STEM vs. Humanities

While you may be creative in deciding how to approach this assignment, following are few topic suggestions:

Gun Control

Higher education

Education Reform

Equality STEM vs. Humanities

You should narrow these down by using the library databases – especially CQ Researcher to help you see what people are talking about regarding these issues. Parts of this Essay: 1. Introduction: Define your position and the argument so that a reader knows what to expect from your writing. Give background if needed. Make a clear thesis statement that you can support with the rest of your essay.This essay is argumentative and should persuade your reader that what you say is true. 2. Body Paragraphs: The body paragraphs will provide support for your essay’s thesis. Each body paragraph should include a topic sentence that helps you demonstrate your thesis statement. Body paragraphs for arguments should provide support for your claim. You will find evidence from several sources and use the evidence to convince. In addition, you need to include a few paragraphs considering the counterargument to your claim. While you may decide to include personal observations, be sure to avoid opinionated, biased evidence. You should include a very brief summary of the work you are analyzing. Remember that argument should drive this essay, not summary. 3. Conclusion: Here you should provide closure to your essay. When concluding, it is often useful to sum up your argument and the evidence provided to remind your reader of your claim. Furthermore, you can use quotes that poetically sum up your point, logical predictions of the future implications of the phenomena you are looking at, a call to action for change, or a personal experience through narrative to show your reader the importance of the point you are trying to make. One important objective of a conclusion should be to answer the “So What?” question to help your readers understand why they should even bother with your essay and your argument. This is often the most challenging and requires you to consider your argument from a broader perspective of social interests.

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